Worship Support Team 

Worship is the heartbeat of the church and it is so much more than what the pastors say or the music we sing. Every week the people of God come together to share our love for God and one another and it wouldn’t happen without the amazing volunteers who work so lovingly behind the scenes. 

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Tech Team

The volunteers on the tech team work behind the scenes to make sure that the tech aspect of worship runs smoothly. We need people to run the sound board, projection slides, and cameras for our live stream. If you're a behind the scenes person who doesn’t mind using a little technology, this team is for you! 


Greeters work during each worship hour to make sure that everyone who comes through our doors knows they are welcome! If you love smiling and talking to people, this is for you! If you're unafraid to ask the question “Can I help you find something?” this is for you! If you can hold a door open and tell someone “We're glad you are here!” this is for you!

Scripture Readers

The Bible is for everyone, not just the pastors! At our 11:00 service members of our congregation come forward to read scripture each and every week. Let us know you are interested and training and sign ups will be made available to you. 

Communion Preparation

As the Body of Christ, we participate in the Sacrament of Holy Communion in worship. This most beautiful and meaningful ritual of the church takes care and preparation. We prepare bread and cup, gluten free elements, and care for linens. If you care about preparation and sacrament this is your team!

Communion Servers

Christ’s table is open to all and so is the ability to serve communion! You don’t have to be of a certain age, "clergy status," or “holiness level” to serve in this way. Just let us know you are interested and a quick training will be made available for anyone who has never served communion before.

Altar Visual Team

If you have gifts in interior design or decoration, or just know how to set a beautiful table, you can use that gift in worship. There are so many ways we can enhance our already beautiful Sanctuary to illuminate the message or the season of worship we are in. Let us know if you are willing to share these gifts weekly, monthly, or seasonally. 

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