We are invited and we invite others to encounter the transforming love of God. To gather as one body and experience God’s presence. In this time and place. In one another. In ourselves.


We are made to grow and thrive in our faith. To seek a deeper understanding of God’s love for us. To dig deep roots so our branches can reach out even further. 


We are called to serve one another, our church, our neighbors, and our world. To share the transforming power of God’s love with all we encounter. To bring hope, peace, and provision to those in need. 
Each of these pillars that uphold the vision of this church. When we have an encounter with God, a desire grows in us to learn more, to go deeper. As we grow, we desire to see the love of God and the kingdom of God transform and heal the world. When we serve others, we encounter God through our words and actions and lead others into an encounter with God as well.