The curriculum of FUMC Preschool is developed around Christian values and developmentally appropriate teaching practices. Our curriculum provides an environment that will nurture, support and enrich children on a daily basis. We provide opportunities for academic readiness, vocabulary development, social skills, gross motor skills, creative art and music. In addition to classroom curriculum, the weekly schedule  includes morning chapel, music, Bible stories, science and gross motor skills.


Preschool math includes rote counting, matching, sorting, graphing and problem-solving. Children learn number recognition, colors and shapes and by the age of 4 ½ they learn simple addition and subtraction. 


Language and writing submerges children in print, teaches letter recognition, phonics and storytelling. Through conversations, children learn to hear, respond and express themselves with confidence. 


Through a variety of materials, from play dough to scissors, to crayons, paint,  markers, pens and pencils, children increase spatial awareness and gain an pre-writing skills as they make their marks on paper. Art requires planning and increases hand-eye coordination. 


Children’s curiosity and the urge to touch, see, hear, smell and taste supports learning through the senses. Simple science experiments allow for a variety of hands-on experiences, developing children’s abilities to think and investigate.